Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar Teacher Training Course

Recognised by International Yoga OrganisationMinistry of AYUSH
BONUS Women’s Wellness Course worth Rs. 2000 Included!

Ancient Pregnancy & Childbirth Knowledge – Simplified along with Practices.

prenatal yoga teacher training

Yoga teachers, would-be mothers and medical professionals (such as obstetricians, gynaecologists, dietitians, physiotherapists, and trainers) might benefit from the Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar Teacher Training self-paced course. Medical practitioners have a limited understanding of yoga’s benefits before, during, and after labour and delivery. Moreover, yoga instructors typically lack knowledge of the medical and physiological aspects of pregnancy. Some people are reluctant to promote yoga during pregnancy or to teach prenatal yoga because of the above concerns.

These gaps are filled and the many phases of a woman’s life are explained in depth in this course. Comprehensive information on prenatal, postnatal, and Garbhasanskar care is provided as well. The program’s overarching goal is to promote maternal and infant wellness across the whole life cycle, from preconception to postpartum. Through yoga, a woman can strengthen her bond to her entire being: her physical self, her mental and emotional selves, and her spiritual self.

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Learning Path

Prenatal Postnatal Yoga & Garbhasanskar Teacher Training

1. Introduction, Story of Shiva/Parvati, Health & Stages of Life

2. Sankhya Yoga and Yoga in Puberty

3. Essential factors for healthy conceotion Avurveda persoectives.

4. Female Reproductive system and HPO Axis – Anatomy and Physiology – Modern Perspectives Dr Sarita

5. Four Essential Factors for healthy conception Ayurveda perspectives

7. Yoga for Gynecological Disorders

8 Prenata Care – Part 1

9. Prenatal Care – Part 2

10. Monthwise Pregnancy care – Part 1

11. Prenatal Care – Part 1 and 3rd Trimester Care

12. Childbirth

13. Postnatal Care

14. Challenges during Pregnancy and Childbirth – Part 1

15. Challenges dunng regnancy and Childbirth – Part 2

16. Interfility in Male and remale

17. Menopause

18. Q&A Session

19. Guidelines for Project Work

Session 1 Part 1 – Introduction to Yoga for healthy reproductive system and healthy adolescent

Session 1 Part 2 – Introduction to Yoga for healthy reproductive system and healthy adolescent

Session 2 – Yoga for Prevention of Menstrual Disorder

Session 3 – Yoga for healthy and happy hormones

Session 4 – Partner Yoga Before, during and after pregnancy

Session 5 – Pregnancy Yoga – Trimester-wise

Session 6 – Tratak and Yoganidra

Session 7 – Mindfulness through Mantra and Music during Pregnancy

Session 8 – Yoga for Infertility

Session 9 – Yoga for Menopause

Evaluation will be done on the basis of 10 assignments, 4 essays and lesson plan demo presentation which students have to go through.

All participants will get Certificate of completion post evaluation. 

BONUS Content - Women's Wellness Course

  1. Anatomy and Physiology – Reproductive system and Endocrine system
  2. Hormonal imbalance and Reproductive health disorders
  3. Understanding about Pathology behind Gynaecological disorders –PCOS, Fibroid, Menstrual irregularities ,UTI and Thyroid disorders
  4. How to prevent and cure women’s health disorders with Ayurveda and Yoga
  5. Infertility Causes and therapy – Ayurveda, Yoga and Modern science
  1. Yoga  for Healthy metabolism and Reproductive health
  2. Yoga for prevention and therapy in infertility
  3. Yoga therapy menstrual health disorders
  5. Yoga therapy for thyroid disorders

Additional study materials – 2 hours.
Total – 10 hours

Meet your Teachers

Dr Nutan Pakhare prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training

Dr. Nutan Pakhare

Lead Teacher and Facilitator

BAMS, PGDYS, M.Sc in Yoga
UGC NET qualified. 
Total Experience – 20 years

Dr. Sarita Naik


MBBS, MD (Obst & Gyn),
Delhi University
MRCOG, Singapore. 
Total Experience – 18 years
(Guest Faculty)

Dr Swati Thoda - prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training

Ms. Swati Thoda

Senior Nutrition Consultant and Lactation Educator

PG Diploma in Dietitics and Applied Nutrition. 
Total Experience – 25 years
(Guest Faculty)

manija practicals prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training

Ms. Manija

Yoga Practicals

Level 3 certified
Yoga Certification Board
(Ministry of AYUSH)
Total Experience – 4 years

Deepika Prenatal Yoga Garbhasanskar teacher

Ms. Deepika

Yoga Practicals

Yoga Alliance accredited. 
4000 hours of teaching experience. 
Specialisation – Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga


Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar Teacher Training.
Self-paced with 3 months access.

Pay in INR

Manual access within 3 hours
  • Pre-recorded study materials
  • 1 live class per month
  • 3 months access
  • Accessible 24x7

Pay in USD

Instant access on payment
$ 199
  • Pre-recorded study materials
  • 1 live class per month
  • 3 months access
  • Accessible 24x7

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course content is both theoretical and practical, drawing from Ayurveda, yoga, and contemporary scientific research. The topics of human reproduction, yogic anatomy and physiology, and pedagogy are all included.

You will study the subject through Wonderful explanation by our professor and it will be accompanied by crucial educational audio/video /presentation/notes in conjunction with the themes.

Dr. Nutan Pakhare has written a series of e-books on the subject, and they come complete with a glossary and a tonne of resources for delving deeper into the material.

Discussion and question and answer period

Demonstration – Share knowledge and get insight Assignments – 10 hours and Objective online exam for final certification of completion of course.

Yes, Special techniques included are,

  • Codes of conducts about Diet, Discipline and Lifestyle
  • ​Yoga for healthy menstruation
  • Couple yoga
  • Trimester wise specific modulation in the practice of yoga   
  • Visualization,
  • Yoganidra 
  • Concentration and meditative practice,
  • Conversations with the child in the womb. 

The lessons are taught primarily in English. Our teachers are also conversant in Hindi and Marathi. 

There is no academic qualification needed. However, basic knowledge of human anatomy and reproductive systems would be beneficial. 

Yogic practices before during and after pregnancy. It includes yogic cleansing practices, Asana, Pranayama, Bandha Mudra, Tratak techniques, Mantra Japa etc.​ ​

This course initiates your thinking process to explore the science of creation and cultivation of life more. It explains you beautifully about the importance of the body and mind connection. 

Yes, you can start your practice with this yoga certificate, however, you should have supported yoga therapy/yoga teachers /medical degree background. Also one needs to gain experience working with similar expertise for a few minimum of 3-6 months. Hence we recommended a few months apprenticeship and hands-on experience with an experienced yoga teacher, after the certification.

You will get a certificate of completion.

We also have this course in live classes format. Check out details here

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