Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar
Teacher Training Course

50 hours course on Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar.

Next date for Live Classes:
8th January – 6th February 2022Weekend batch (10 am to 2 pm)
10th January – 4th February – Weekday batch (3 pm to 5 pm, Monday – Friday)

This course is recognised by World Yoga Organisation

This Prenatal Postnatal yoga and Garbhasanskar Teacher Training Course is designed for graduate yoga teachers, doctors, for the healthcare and fitness trainers from the various field having foundation knowledge about anatomy and physiology, yoga and Ayurveda. This course unfolds all important stages and physiology in depth about women’s life. It also gives insights on the importance of Prenatal, Postnatal Care and Garbhasanskar in depth. It covers Conception, Continuation of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postnatal Care for healthy mother and infants’ health holistically.

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Learning Path

  1. Health and Stages of woman’s life
  2. Anatomy and Physiology of reproductive & endocrine system
  3. Garbhasanskar (The science of nurturing child in the womb)
  4. Garbhasambhav samagri  (The prerequisite for healthy conception and pregnancy)
  5. Garbhadhanpurva Sanskar (The prerequisite for pregnancy)
  6. Garbhaprakruti (Know the secrets of your child’s personality)
  7. Garbhakarbhava (The six procreative factors responsible for life in the womb)
  8. Garbhadhanvidhi (The important rituals for healthy conception)
  9. Garbhini Lakshana (Signs and symptoms of pregnancy)
  10. Garbhini Paricharya (Step by step month wise holistic care guidelines for pregnant woman about Diet, Rest ,Discipline and lifestyle)
  11. Pregnancy Nutrition & Foetal blood circulation anatomy and physiology
  12. Garbhaposhan & Garbhavriddhi (Nutrition and Nourishment of foetus in the womb i.e. Embryology)
  13. Garbhini Vyapada (Challenges of Pregnant woman during pregnancy and its care)
  14. Garbha Vyapad (Complication in foetal growth and developments in the womb & management)
  15. Prasava Paricharya ( Holistic care of mother and child during childbirth)
  16. Sutika Paicharya (Postnatal Care of mother and child & Nutrition guidelines)
  17. Postnatal Challenges -Diastasis recti/umbilical hernia/depression etc.
  18. Breast care & Lactation –Yoga for breast care
  1. Shuddhi kriya
  2. Fertility Yoga
  3. Garbhadharana Practice
  4. Concentration Practice – Couple yoga
  5. Yoga for healthy pregnancy & lactation
  6. Specific Modification- Asana & Breathing Practice for normal childbirth
  7. Music & Specific Mantra Trimester wise chanting class
  8. Unique techniques of Visualization practice
  9. Ready notes on trimester wise positive affirmation
  10. Nadayoga in pregnancy and childbirth
  11. Garbhadhyana Practice & Tratak (Gazing Practices –Space, Nasal Or Candle Light Gazing Techniques)
  12. Postnatal Recovery and rehabilitation Yoga –Prevention and Management of postnatal disorders
  13. Pelvic floor & core muscle, diastasis recti rehabilitation Yoga therapy
  • Additional study material – 6hrs recordings on Art of Parenting & postnatal healing physiotherapy talk
  • 1 Medical consultation with Dr.Nutan valid during course duration
  • Online on course platform study material in the form of recordings, presentations, notes access free during course duration
  • Exclusive Book covers whole syllabus “The ultimate guide to Garbhsanskar”

Why Should You Do this Course?

  • This course will add value in your personal and professional growth.
  • You will stand out from the crowd with your unique ability of conducting your session with understanding correct perspective.
  • You will understand Ayurveda and yogic aspects of women’s stages of life and it’s important.
  • Learn to stepwise methodology and lesson plan how to conduct practical yoga in tune with your menstrual cycles for better reproductive health.
  • You will learn how to plan customized yoga class or exclusive holistic health plan according to pregnancy trimester.
  • You will learn ancient Garbhasanskar and modern science amalgamation beautifully in sync with how to use practically as well.
  • You will be able to facilitates with easy tips and tricks in prevention for pregnancy and childbirth complications.
  • You will also equipped with knowledge about pregnancy trimester care as per Ayurveda perspective.
  • We are not finished here yet. You will be able to Join our AYG community and get an opportunity to be ACKNOWLDGED on our social media coverage too!
  • Finally you will be gain enough confidence and clarity to expand the horizon of your practice in the pregnancy and women’s health and wellness.
  • Certificate of completion affiliated with international and national recognized body.


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