Frequently Asked Questions

About Prenatal Postnatal Garbhasanskar course

This course covers the philosophy and practice, based on Ayurveda, yoga and modern science. It also covers the human reproductive system, yogic anatomy and physiology, teaching methodology.

You will learn the subject through Wonderful explanation by our professor plus it will be supported by important educational audio/video /presentation/notes in context with the topics.

You will receive e-books by Dr.Nutan Pakhare covering the subject includes the Glossary, Many References to explored the knowledge further.

Discussion and Q & A at the end of the session 

Demo presentation- Learn from each other Assignments – 10 hours and Objective online exam for final certification of completion of course.

Yes, Special techniques included are,

  • Codes of conducts about Diet, Discipline and Lifestyle
  • ​Yoga for healthy menstruation
  • Couple yoga
  • Trimester wise specific modulation in the practice of yoga   
  • Visualization,
  • Yoganidra 
  • Concentration and meditative practice,
  • Conversations with the child in the womb. 

The lessons are taught primarily in English. Our teachers are also conversant in Hindi and Marathi. 

There is no academic qualification needed. However, basic knowledge of human anatomy and reproductive systems would be beneficial. 

Yogic practices before during and after pregnancy. It includes yogic cleansing practices, Asana, Pranayama, Bandha Mudra, Tratak techniques, Mantra Japa etc.​ ​

This course initiates your thinking process to explore the science of creation and cultivation of life more. It explains you beautifully about the importance of the body and mind connection. 

Yes, you can start your practice with this yoga certificate, however, you should have supported yoga therapy/yoga teachers /medical degree background. Also one needs to gain experience working with similar expertise for a few minimum of 3-6 months. Hence we recommended a few months apprenticeship and hands-on experience with an experienced yoga teacher, after the certification.

You will get a certificate of completion.