Ayurveda Anatomy and Physiology

Pre-recorded 42 hours course
primarily aimed at yoga teachers, health coaches, medical doctors.

Taking care of the body is the foremost duty of human beings. Because the body only means to do all the work. Although the mind is the most important tool to operate the body, it also depends on the health of the body. Health of the body depends on the health of the mind. Ayurveda describes the relation between them are as ghee filled in the pot, in which ghee represents mind & pot represents body. Both have equal importance & impact on each other. One is the gross aspect & other is the subtle aspect of the human body.

Learn healing traditions and medical practices from ancient India, concepts from Susruta Samhita and Caraka Samhita

Ayurveda emphasizes Ahar (Diet),  Nidra (Rest) & Brahmacharya(Discipline Lifestyle) as per human body constitution but if you do not know your body &  how it functions, then you may not be able to apply these guidelines to sustainable health & wellbeing.

This Course will teach Ayurveda way of understanding structure & function of your body to facilitate you to become wiser towards your health & immunity. It covers all important human body systems as per ancient perspective with a blend of contemporary science.

It provides you with the required application of Ayurveda & Yoga to keep it durable & healthy. The whole perspective of yours will change to understand your existence in this body after this course.

Ayurveda Anatomy and Physiology
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Course Curriculum


Module 1
Ayurveda way of understanding your body & health

1. Ayurveda & Yoga Anatomy –Introduction
2. Definition of Sharir-Body as per Ayurveda
3. Ashaya ,Strotas & Koshta  (Place of organs)
4. Kala Sharir (Membranes)
5. Marma Sharira – Introduction to delicate points in the body need to understand more clearly before any practices. there are 107 such points, if injured a lead to death or lifetime deformities
6. Yogic approach – Panchkosh,Nadi,Chakra 

Module 2

Ayurveda explains thirteen channels in the human body.Among them three channels are important for  nourishment of the body.And three are important to eliminate waste products out from the body & seven is a subtle operating mind.

Intake channels of nutrients & life resources are -:

  1. Prana vaha srotas – Oxygen
  2. Anna vaha srotas – Glucose
  3. Ambu vaha srotas – Water
  4. Sveda vaha srotas- sweat
  5. Mutra vaha srotas- excretion of urine
  6. Purisha vaha srotas – feces
  7. Manovaha srotas – Channels of mind and thoughts.
  8. Rasa vaha srotas – Channels of Plasma
  9. Rakta vaha srotas – Channels of Blood
  10. Mamsa vaha srotas – Channels of Muscles
  11. Medovaha srotas –  Channels of  Fat tissues
  12. Asthi vaha srotas –  Channels of Bones
  13. Majja vaha srotas – Channels of Bone marrows
  14. Shukra vaha srotas – Channels of  Sperms in male & Ovum in female
Assignments /Self-study  guidance & lifetime support

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USD 249/- (International)