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Learn Ayurveda, Yoga and Garbhasanskar with Dr. Nutan Pakhare

Dr. Nutan Pakhare, is a ayurvedic doctor and teacher with over 18 years of experience. Having been groomed by renowned physicians of her hometown, Mumbai, Dr. Nutan has successfully coached more than 500 people in her career, many of whom have gone on to have a transformative experience.

AYG Academy was born out of her relentless passion and desire to educate, counsel and nurture lives of people. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Garbhasanskar

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Dr. Anil Pachnekar

Dr. N. Ganesh Rao

Dr. Sarita Narang Naik

Sanjana Karia
Yoga Teacher

Ekta Pathak

Ekta Pathak
Yoga Teacher

Salima Poonawala
Yoga Teacher

Manija Gharad
Yoga Teacher


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